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We’re here to help and answer frequently asked questions about women’s mental health and how we serve the community at Arete Women’s Wellness.


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General Information

What is a holistic approach to behavioral health and substance abuse treatment?

A holistic behavioral health and substance abuse approach emphasizes recovery of the mind, body and spirit. Person-centered, holistic care integrates wellness services, community engagement, supportive resources and encourages building positive relationships to improve overall health and outcomes.

Why is this program women-only?

Women-only behavioral health, mental wellness and addiction recovery programs enhance a sense of safety and community while forging strong and supportive female community bonds. There is less stigma and judgment from peers and more empowerment through women’s shared experiences.

What types of behavioral health issues and substance abuse do you treat?

At Arete Women’s Wellness, we treat women struggling to overcome:
Anxiety disorders
Bipolar disorder
Eating disorders
Family and work stressors
Grief and loss
Life changes
Mood disorders
Obsessive disorders
Parenting struggles
Personality disorders
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Relationship challenges
Substance use
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What credentials and experience do the staff have?

Arete Women’s Wellness staff clinicians are licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services (ODMHAS), and our practice is accredited by CARF® International, an independent, nonprofit health and human services program. Staff include registered nurses (RN), Licensed Independent Social Workers (LISW) and Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors.

Initial Contact

How does the intake process work?

Your journey starts when you reach out to us, either through a call, email, or by visiting our facility. We will ask for some basic information and understand the primary reasons you are seeking help.

Pre-Screening Questions: Expect to answer some preliminary questions about your health, behavioral health history, and specific needs. This helps us to ensure that our services match your needs and that you receive the best care possible.

Do I have to schedule an initial assessment?

After your initial call and pre-screening questions, we will schedule an initial assessment appointment for you. This might be in-person or via a telehealth platform, depending on your preference and our policies.

What does a comprehensive assessment include?

During your first visit, you’ll meet with a mental health professional for a detailed assessment. This might include discussions about your physical and emotional health, lifestyle, personal goals, and any specific challenges you’re facing.

Our approach is holistic, meaning we consider all aspects of your well-being, including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Be prepared to discuss various aspects of your life, not just your symptoms.

Treatment and Therapies

What does a typical treatment plan look like?

Based on your assessment, we’ll work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. This plan may include individual therapy, group therapy, workshops, lifestyle adjustments, and complementary therapies like yoga or meditation.

Can you describe the different therapies and services offered?

Arete Women’s Wellness offers individual and group therapy, case management, nursing care, screening, recovery programs and a robust social and community engagement program designed to foster supportive relationships, encourage healthy living and empower women.

How does the program incorporate holistic health practices?

Community engagement and social connections are central to our holistic healing approach at Arete Women’s Health. Aside from counseling and clinical support, we offer the Friends of Arete program that builds a sense of belonging, fosters relationships and promotes wellness among women. It includes social events, networking mixers, mindfulness and creative workshops, advocacy, volunteer opportunities and other community-related programs.

What role does nutrition play in your treatment program?

As a holistic women’s mental wellness practice, we focus on mind, body, spirit and total wellbeing, which includes nutrition through discussions centered on feeding the body to heal, along with cooking classes and shared meals during social events.

Is family involvement part of the treatment process?

Women are the backbone of family and community, and Arete Women’s Wellness restores and empowers women by creating a helping network with local organizations, businesses and institutions that provide resources. We remove barriers to accessing mental wellness and behavioral health care by offering support like childcare arrangements.

How do you personalize treatment for individual needs?

We will introduce you to the range of services we offer. This includes meeting the team of professionals who will be supporting you, understanding our holistic therapies, and learning about any group sessions you might join.

How do I schedule regular therapy sessions?

Once everything is agreed upon, you’ll officially start your treatment journey. This might involve scheduling your regular therapy sessions, signing up for group activities, or beginning any recommended complementary therapies.

What if my therapy needs change?

Throughout your treatment, your progress will be continuously monitored, and your treatment plan will be adjusted as needed to ensure you are receiving the most effective care.

Cost and Insurance

Is treatment covered by insurance?

Arete Women’s Wellness accepts most major insurances.

What is the cost if I am paying out-of-pocket?

Arete Women’s Wellness ensures that women seeking care from our community can gain access to the services they require to heal. We work closely with women to alleviate any financial barriers and offer various payment programs.

Are there any financial assistance programs available?

We’ll discuss the cost of treatment, insurance coverage (if applicable), and any available payment plans. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable with the financial aspects of your care.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We abide by HIPAA law to maintain the privacy of our patients’ protected health information and to provide patients with notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to protected health information. Regarding confidentiality, we will explain the consent process, confidentiality policies, and your rights as a patient. It’s crucial that you feel safe and informed before beginning your treatment.

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